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Doctor Reveals Top 5 Skincare
That Dramatically Improve Wrinkled Skin (2024)

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    Dr. Dwight Maverick
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Frustrated by complicated routines that aren’t giving any real results? As a Doctor and skincare specialist, I hear these complaints all the time from patients in my office. That’s why I decided to test hundreds of formulations and find out once and for all, what works best.

While all 5 have some great benefits for aging skin, the #1 spot goes to a brand whose results were so impressive that I’ve already started recommending it to my clients…



Nivea offers a range of anti-aging skin creams, typically containing ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, coenzyme Q10, vitamin C, and various botanical extracts known for their antioxidant properties. Sadly, they don’t include any proven actives in their formulations which means you’re not likely to see lasting results.



Paula's Choice is a well-known skincare brand that offers a variety of products, including those focused on anti-aging. Their products do contain some good ingredients, however many of their formulations contain questionable ingredients that could cause damage and irritation to many skin types.



Neutrogena is a brand you may recognize from the drugstore and despite being widely available and affordable, many customers complain that their products only work for younger skin types. Many of their formulations don’t even include anti-aging ingredients making it a waste of money for anyone over 30.

#2: OLAY


Olay offers many options when it comes to anti-wrinkle creams, however, at their current price points, the cream is expensive considering there are very few active ingredients or proven actives. While it may work for hydration, you’re not likely to see any improvement in fine lines and wrinkles.


Having sold out a dozen times in the last year alone, this “facelift cream” is the only cream on this list that showed visible results in lifting and firming skin in less than a week. Best of all? It’s one of the most affordable options on the entire list!

Don't just take our word for it—watch the video above and witness the remarkable transformation for yourself!